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Our H-1B Visa Cap FAQ was recently updated by Attorney Donald W. Parker

U.S. employers use the H-1B program to employ tens of thousands of highly skilled workers. USCIS allocates the limited number of new H-1B visas through a lottery system on an annual basis. This FAQ provides information about the H-1B visa registration and lottery process.

Get the answers to these most frequently asked questions on our website’s H-1B Visa Cap FAQ.

  • What is an H-1B Visa?
  • Why are H-1B visas allocated by a lottery system?
  • How does the lottery process work?
  • My case was selected in the H-1B lottery, now what happens?
  • Is it true that the USCIS conducts multiple lotteries each year?
  • Is Premium Processing available for the H-1B Lottery?
  • Can my employer submit multiple H-1B lottery registrations for me?
  • Does the Lottery Process Apply to H-1B Transfers?
  • What are my options if my lottery registration is not selected?

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